Low cost UART IC2 interface RFID Module(13.56 MHz)

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Low cost UART IC2 interface RFID Module(13.56 MHz)
Baud rate:
Supply voltage:
Working frequency:
Reading Distance:
Support Card Type:
MIFIRE1 S50\S70\UltraLight\Pro
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Operating Current:
Homoeothermy 25MA
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1. LB522-UI
2. Low cost UART IC2 interface RFID Module (13.56 MHz)
3. ANDTech developed Mifare RC522 Card Reader RFID Reader

LB522-UI Application Guidelines V2.1.1


Version control
Version Number       Date                    Content                                                                                                                      Author
V1.0                             2010.07.20        First draft, serial port communication                                                                  Alex.L
V1.1                             2011.08.01        Increase the IIC communication function                                                           Alex.L
V2.0                             2013.03.10        Increase the UART terminal set IIC function from the machine address     Alex.L
V2.1                             2013.04.12        Compatible with UART and IIC, and expand the capacity of MCU                 Alex.L
V2.1.1                          2013.04.21        Of numerical operations added                                                                           Alex.L


1.Interface pin definition
Label No.          IO Type          Functional description            Default State
GND                   Power            Power supply ground             0
TXD                    Output            Serial port(TTL)Send              1
RXD                    Input              Serial port(TTL)Receive         1
VCC                    Power            Power supply anode              1


IIC Port
Label No.          IO Type             Functional description           Default State
GND                   Power               Power supply ground            0
SDA                    Input/Output     IIC data                                    1(Open drain)
SCL                    Input                  IIC clock                                   1(Open drain)
VCC                    Power               Power supply anode             1


2.Interface with other controller
LB522-U          MCU
TXD <=====>  RXD
RXD <=====> TXD
LB522-I            MCU
SDA <=====> SDA
SCL <=====> SCL


3. Communication Settings
8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, 115200bps
400kbps Fast IIC


4. Electrical Characteristics
Supply voltage: +4.6~5.2V
Operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz
Reading Distance: 30~50mm(m1)
Support Card Type: MIFIRE1 S50,S70,UltraLight,Pro
Operating Temperature: -30~+85°C
Storage Temperature: -55~+125°C
Operating Current: Homoeothermy 25MA
Note: The module is powered on, after 20 ~ 25ms delay is needed to stabilize the work.


5.Communication protocol
After power I2C and UART are valid, Valid until it receives the first data frame is automatically selected the interface, Another module interfaces automatically invalid.

5.1 Serial mode
Start symbol  STX  0x40
Terminator    ETX  0x0D
Data communication frame structure:
Send frames
Start character      Command word        Data length        Data                 Check word               End mark
1BYTE                    1BYTE                         2BYTES              NBYTES          2BYTES                     1BYTE
Back frame
Start character      Command word       Status       Data length        Data              Check word          End mark
1BYTE                    1BYTE                        1BYTE       2BYTES              NBYTES       2BYTES                1BYTE
Check word: 2 bytes is defined as CS1 and CS2, CS1 before all the data for the current field arithmetic and, CS2 is the current field and all data different or and.
Status: Normal for 0, others see the error status description.


5.2 I2C protocol
Communications must first host sends commands and data to the module, After execute the command module, Command execution status and response data back to the host.
a) I2C protocol
Module I2C address is 0xA0
Communication speed is: 400K
Sending Data Format:
Module address + W/R Word length Command word Data Domain Check word
Module address + W/R:
Module address:0xA0,write bit0 is 0,the write Instruction is:0xA0 + 0x0 = 0xA0
Module address:0xA0,read bit0 is 1,the read Instruction is:0xA0 + 0x1 = 0xA1
Word length: From length to the last byte of data bytes specified.
Command word: Command of this.
Data Domain: This can be empty.
Check word: From the length byte to the last byte-by-byte different or value(The last one byte).
Return Data Format:
     *Successful return:

                Word length         Status(0x00)            Data Domain            Check word
     *Failure to return:
                 Word length        Status(error code)              Check word
b) Communication process
For example: We need to read the version number of the module.
Send commands: 02 4F 4D
Which comprises the steps of:
A.  Write command to the module
1.  Send START condition
2.  Send control byte,In this case 0xA0 Meaning:Address 0xA0+Write Control 0x00
3.  Send module command sequence: "\x02\x 4F\x 4D"
4.  Send STOP condition
B.  Sends a read command, if the module is no ACK, the module is working, repeat this step sends a read command.
1.  Send START condition
2.  Send control byte, here is 0xA1, meaning: address 0xA0 + Read the control 0x01.
3.  If the module is no ACK, Return to B, repeat, If there ACK, Then to the next step C
C.  Returned data receiver module
1.  Receive 1 byte and send ACK, If the received content is 0x02, Meaning the data packet has 0x02 valid data bytes.
2.  Receive the remaining 2 byte(Data+Check word), each receives a byte is required to send ACK.


6.Instruction Index

Command wordCommand Function
004FGet module version
013FModule Close
0252Hot Start
034ERF restart
0441Card Inquiry
0574Card Scour
0675Card selection
0710Reads the card number
0873Sector Certification
0946Read Block
1047Write block
1170Numerical operations
1245Cards hang
A0A0Set IIC device address
A1A1Read IIC device address